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Letter from the Publisher


Greetings this July 2006 from Internet Magazine of Belize.

In this Volume three, edition three, we are pleased to have Ms. Sharon Matola, the founder and Director of The Belize Zoo, , as our interview guest for '20 Questions'. Sharon also begins contributing to our ‘Living Wild’ section weighing in the July edition with an article about the rarest mammal in Belize: ‘The Greater Grison’. Our features in the July 2006 edition include a look at tour guides in Belize and how they be the only thing standing between you and a violent criminal in the bush; rising gas prices and the debate over exploratory oil drilling in the Toledo District; and the devastating fire in Placencia.

'Adventures with Charley Wolf', a fictional account about Belize based upon news content gathered throughout the year that looks at the country from the perspective of a European family that relocates to the land by the Caribe Sea, has Charley telling about his great pig adventure.

In our very popular 'Tropical Backyard Birding', we examine the Blue Crown Motmot. Our 'Profiles In Culture' reports on Flo, a kindly ‘coolspot’ owner in the wonderful village of Jacintoville. 'A Bit of Caribbean History' talks about the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. The Maya Island Airways 'Welcome Onboard' article takes our readers to the town of Dangriga, arguably the Garifuna capital of Belize. 'It's a Plant's Life too' checks in again with Yvonne and Alfredo Villoria of ‘Dem Dats Doin’. This edition reviews 'Emory King’s 2006 Driver's Guide To Beautiful Belize'. In the 'Happy Hour-Tropical Cocktails' presented by Travellers Liquors Ltd., the distillers and distributors of the pride and joy of Belize 'One Barrell Rum', tells our readers how to mix a Collins.

The 'Secret's of the Belizean Kitchen' presented by Grace-Kennedy Ltd., distributors of find food products in Belize and around the world provides a recipe for Islanders Pone. 'Health Matters' looks into the CDC’s recommended precautions to be taken before travelling to Belize while 'The Archaeological Wonders’ explores the Maya site of Tikal in Guatemala that is easily accessible from the Belizean town of San Ignacio. We are especially pleased that 'Where to Eat in Paradise' eats it’s way through some of the best burgers in Belize City while 'Life's A Beach' takes a look at the Cerros Sands development in the Corozal District.

On behalf of the staff of - The Internet Magazine of Belize, we would like to thank our advertisers for making possible. We would like to also like to thank the writers, photographers, especially Crissie Ferrara, and contributors for enabling to provide the best in Belizean content on the

Best regards always,

The Publisher
The Internet Magazine of Belize


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