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Nim Li Punit

Twenty Questions - The January Interview
with Prime Minister Hon. Said Musa

The Wild South
by Peter Eltringham, author of 'The Rough Guide to Belize'

Southern Belize..Paradise Found?
A Traveler's Tale from Toledo
by Julian Fisher

A Belize Rivers report: Canoeing the Golden Stream
From the Southern Highway to the Port of Honduras Marine Reserve
by Regina A. Firek

Adventures with Charley Wolf
Charley Wolf moves to Belize

Profiles in Culture
Dolores from Mafredi
by Lucas Peter

The Archaeological Wonders of Belize A Visit to Nim Li Punit with Julian Fisher

A Photo Essay: The Last Ten Miles
10 Miles unpaved road on the Southern Highway from Big Falls to Golden Stream.


Letter from the Editor

Archive: Previous Editions

The Store

A Post Card From Belize


Into the Heart of the Darkness
Caving at Actun Tunichil Muknal with Dr. Bruce Minkin

Equestrian Adventures in Belize
Trail riding in Belize with Katrine Nesbit

The Belizean Fisherman's Guide to Belize Flyfishing off Morris Caye
with Charlie Leslie

Down Under Diving Adventures
Miss Pamela: Six Months Under the Sea - Placencia's New Dive Site
with Lisa Carne

Tropical Backyard Birding
Everybody becomes a birdwatcher in Toledo with Penny Leonard

It's a Plant's Life too
Cassava with Lisa Carne
Palm Trees with Konny Stephan


Secret's of the Belizean Kitchen Baked Red Snapper in Coconut

Health Matters
How to live a hundred Years

Art & Entertainment Pen Cayetano - Musician and Artist

Jungle Adventures behind the Machete Roy Sanchez, the Machete Man of the Cayo
by Julian Fisher

Life's a Beach Snake Cayes

Helping you find your place in Paradise

A Guide to Lodging & Dining in Belize

The Weather in Belize


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