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With little more than a cell-phone, a box of business cards, an Internet website on the world wide web or simply an email address at Hotmail or, just about anyone can be a real estate agent in Belize. That's right, there is no licensing or regulatory body monitoring individuals purporting to be real estate agents. In a lot of ways, it makes well for a recipe for people getting burned.

Although there are several topnotch companies operating within the borders of Belize that advise their clients to us qualified Belizean lawyers within the legal profession to make sure the deal goes down legally, there are still the other breed. Perched on a barstool in the cool spots from Corozal to Punta Gorda to San Ignacio to San Pedro, from Caye Caulker to Placencia, locals and expats alike are lying in wait for the next unsuspecting gringo that comes south to Belize looking for their piece of paradise.


List of Real Estate Agents in Belize

(list may not be complete)

Alpha & Omega International Realty & Consultants

Bayshore Limited

Belize Land Properties Ltd.

Belize North Real Estate Ltd.

Belize Real Estate

Belize Realty Services

Belize Shores Realty

British American Cattle Company

Buy Belize Real Estate

Casa Cayo Real Estate

Ceiba Realty Ltd.

Century 21 Isla Bonita

Charlotte's Casa Belize

Diane Campbell

Consejo Shores Ltd.

Deloitte Property Management Ltd.

Diamond Realty

Emerald Futures Real Estate

EZBelize Real Estate

Multi List Belize

Paradise Found Belize Ltd.

Pelican Properties

Playa De Parata Real Estate

Rainforest Realty

Realty Management of Belize Ltd.

Regent Realty Belize City

Sea View Properties Ltd.

Southern Belize Real Estate

RE/MAX Central Belize

Southwind Properties San Pedro

Sunrise RealtySan Pedro

Triton Properties

Tropic Real Estate

Yearwood Properties Placencia

Vviun International Real Estate

Sure some of the real estate agents actually go through the formalities of renting an office and purchasing a local business license. estimates that there are roughly thirty-four companies that could qualify as legitimate real estate companies, along with another handful that operate only in cyberspace. Of course even some of those legitimate real estate firms also offer on their websites a wide variety of services, from selling "hot sauces, honeys, jellies and gourmet meats" to automobile insurance to a cave tubing tour.

However, those proclaiming to be a real estate company are not the only ones getting in on the game. For just about every taxi driver, tour guide, tour operator, bartender, restaurant owner, waiter, waitress, housekeeper, bellman, boat captain, bus driver, electrician and taco street vendor in Belize will try to sell you a piece of property. In their efforts, they will explain that they represent their aunt or uncle, their father or mother, their cousin, nephew or niece, their next-door neighbor as well as their brother or sister now living in Miami or New York or Houston.

And who cares if the land is leased with no clear title. They will explain to the interested buyer that they can take the leased land to title after you pay them the down payment. That's all it takes in order for them to do a survey and then take the survey to the lands office in Belmopan. Once there, the government will establish a price for them to buy the land, at which time a title is created. Of course the one thing they often forget to tell the prospective buyer, that after they have used your funds to get the title, they might just turn around and jack the price. Reason being, that old piece of worthless leased bush land is now clear titled land, its value has increased threefold and they know it. It's at this point that they have indeed realize and explain straightforwardly and direct, "I sold it to you too cheap".

Then there are the countless developers and their elaborate and tastefully presented projects with names like Scarlet Macaw Resort, The Phoenix, The Placencia, Sanctuary Bay and Bella Maya to name only a few. These beautifully designed resort properties are collectively redefining the landscape of Belize. And surly as property values from the Jersey shore to Cape Hatteras to Hilton Head to the Florida Keys along the east coast of the United States, as well as the entire west coast from Seattle to San Diego soar even higher, the new multimillion dollar resorts are increasingly reflecting what lies ahead for Belize.

So the next time someone stops you on a street corner in Belize and says to you and your wife in English in what you detect to be a slight Spanish accent, "hi guys, is this your first time in Belize??" don't necessarily stop in your tracks thinking you have run into a long lost friend. And if you do stop, then don't be surprised that as you stroll off with your new found friend in tow towards a watering hole that just after that first round of Belikins hits the table on your tab that the question pops up, "so guys, have you ever thought about the benefits of owning an interval timeshare property ownership??"


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