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After a hot and long day on the beach and several laps in the hotel pool recommends to start your cocktail hour with a refreshing mixed drink with lots of vitamins. My bar-tending cousin offeres this recipe of a Siboney, shaken or stirred, but best prepared with Travellers Liquors One Barrel dark rum.


What you need to prepare:

3 oz Lime juice
3 oz Pineapple juice
3 oz Passion fruit juice
Ice cubes


Method: Put Travellers One Barrell Rum, lime juice, pineapple juice and passion fruit juice and ice cubes in a shaker. Shake well, serve immediately. Decorate with slice of pineapple or slice of lime. Although the original recipe calls for equal amounts of each juices, you can use different combinations of the juices to obtain a sweeter or more sour taste. For adults only!
Since 1953, TRAVELLERS LIQUORS LTD. has been providing Belizeans and visitors alike with a broad and unique assortment of distilled and fermented products. Founder and Patriarch of the family, Master Blender Omario Perdomo, gave the company its name because of its original success serving travellers along the main route into and out of Belize City.

In 1992, the company completely upgraded the distillation facility, stepping away from other distilleries which use acids to speed up the fermentation process. TRAVELLERS employs high-test molasses with natural fermentation, coupled with a double-distillation method for smoother taste. Apart from the traditional distilled products like rum and vodka, TRAVELLERS also produces liqueurs and wines from Belizean fruits ... the only Belizean refinery that does this.

History was made in 1995, when TRAVELLERS passed standards set for vodka by the U. S. Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol & Firearms, clearing the way for its first shipment of 1,600 gallons of Cane Juice Vodka to the U. S. for sale in 39 states. One year later, TRAVELLERS captured two awards at the ANNUAL RUM TASTING contest, the only company of the 131 who entered to win in two major categories. They are the producers of Belize's oldest and only aged rums on the market today.

Using secret family formulas combined with multiple distillations, special aging techniques and unique Belizean juices and flavorings, the Perdomo family is extremely proud to present to you an award winning collection of products to complement even the most discerning taste.


This page is sponsored by Travellers Liquors Ltd.

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